Being on the road for a long time can be a real drag, especially when things feel cramped. Everybody knows that families have a unique relationship, but you can definitely feel tensions rise when everyone's uncomfortable and in the same space for hours and hours. If this sounds familiar, then you might want to consider investigating the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon.

The Passenger Wagon is a prime example of a cushy set of wheels. This fifteen-seat passenger vehicle is outfitted to provide the most comfort possible for you and your family or group. With manually reclining bucket seats and a high-class entertainment system, your entire group will be relaxing and having a laugh during long drives that would otherwise be tedious. Plus, with a newly updated steering wheel, the controls for climate control, the entertainment system, and nearly everything else in the vehicle are within easy reach for you as the driver.

If the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon meets your needs, then come on down to Johnson Sewell Ford to set yourself up with a free test drive.


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